Primary Care

Chronic Disease Management

Find chronic disease management for diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and more. Schedule in Duncan, South Carolina.

Diagnostic Testing

Receive diagnostic testing and treatment at Carolina Health & Aesthetics.

Medical Weight Loss

Struggling with your weight? For a custom medical weight loss program, request a consultation in Duncan, South Carolina today.

Pediatric Care

We offer pediatric care including physical exams and developmental monitoring. Become a member and schedule in Duncan, SC today.

Physical Exams

Schedule physical exams at Carolina Health & Aesthetics and get the personal care you need fast.


We provide prescriptions for a range of chronic illnesses, including thyroid issues and diabetes.

Preventative Care

We offer preventative care to prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. Schedule in Duncan, South Carolina today.

Specialist Referrals

We offer specialist referrals for rare and complex diseases like tuberculosis.

Sports Medicine

We provide sports medicine services in the form of physical exams and injury treatment. Schedule in Duncan, SC today.

Thyroid Treatments

We offer thyroid treatments like antithyroid drugs and beta-blockers.

Urgent Care

We offer urgent care services for abdominal pain, asthma, headaches, and more.

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