The clear skin you want can be yours in just 30 minutes! This is all thanks to our  ICON MaxG™ IPL PhotoFacial system. This treatment is a non-invasive way to reduce hyperpigmentation and give you even, smooth skin. Best of all, the treatment requires little, if any downtime.

Here at Carolina Health & Aesthetics, we prefer to make things easy. Easy on you and easy on your skin. Our  ICON™ laser doesn’t require injections or chemicals. There’s no long-winded prep time either. When you visit our Duncan office, you will simply lie down, relax, and let us do the work. If you’re ready, get in touch and schedule an appointment today.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation means too much pigment. It’s when your skin is covered by spots that are darker than your standard tone. The main cause of this problem is often sun exposure. When we spend too much time outdoors, our skin can develop sun spots. Age spots and liver spots are also common in those over 30. These develop due to the collagen loss that happens naturally as we age. Melasma is also a common pigment issue. This problem typically develops in pregnant women due to hormonal changes. Regardless of the type and cause of hyperpigmentation, the ICON MaxG™ can be a great option for improving your look.

How Can We Help?

Our ICON MaxG™ IPL PhotoFacial system uses light wavelengths to treat your skin. A typical session takes no more than an hour, usually 30 minutes in most cases. During the session, you may feel a slight snapping sensation against your skin. This is generally tolerable. Once the session is over, you may feel like you have sunburn. This is normal and should go away in 2-24 hours. Once your skin is healed, you should notice a reduction in hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Duncan, South Carolina

Give your skin the best treatment here at Carolina Health & Aesthetics. Get in touch for a great 30-minute rejuvenation session today. To connect with us, simply fill out and submit the form below or give our office a call at (864) 214-4014 today.

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