Stubborn Fat

Body contouring is the latest key to stubborn fat loss. It’s not surgical, it’s not even invasive! It’s a trusted method of burning fat through heat. We’re excited because this method lets you get rid of fat pockets easily. Here at Carolina Health & Aesthetics, our chosen body contouring device is FlexSure™.

FlexSure™ applies heat to your body, improving its form. It can be attached to the abdomen, love handles, arms, thighs, and knees. Sessions take only 15 minutes to perform and the results are beautiful. If you’re interested in improving your shape, schedule an appointment in Duncan, SC today.

Why Do I Retain Fat?

Stress, an unhealthy diet, and hormonal imbalances can all cause stubborn fat. Going for a run every now and then can help you stay in shape. But if your hormones are unbalanced, like in the case of menopause, things can get tricky. At Carolina Health & Aesthetics, we can provide nutrition and exercise guidance along with body contouring. Our methods take your needs and health into account, helping you lose weight the right way. Once you’re in the process, body contouring may be a solid option.

What Can We Do About Stubborn Fat?

Stubborn fat can be addressed with the FlexSure™ applicator. This system can be used on any skin type, any time of year. It doesn’t have any BMI restrictions and doesn’t need injections or chemicals. FlexSure™ uses Flex-heating technology to heat bodily tissue. This heating is warm, soothing, and many view it as relaxing. A typical session takes 15 minutes and doesn’t require downtime. Multiple sessions may be needed to get the results you want.

Addressing Stubborn Fat in Duncan, South Carolina

You can get the figure you want with FlexSure™. All it takes is a handful of sessions! Get in touch and find out how we can help improve your lifestyle and your look. To schedule an appointment, simply fill out the form below or call us directly by dialing (864) 214-4014.

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