Preventative Care

Prevention is better than treatment, that’s a given. But surprisingly, only 25% of US adults aged 50-64 are up to date on these screenings! Though underrated, Preventative care is king when it comes to keeping you healthy. Seeing the doctor can be a hassle, but not with us. As a member of Carolina Health & Aesthetics, you can come in for same-day screenings and more at no extra cost.

Some annual labs here at our office are free. For the rest, we offer wholesale prices. Getting tested, screened, and examined by a doctor you trust has never been easier. If you are at risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or any other illness, we urge you to get in touch today.

What Is Preventative Care?

Preventative care refers to using medical tools to help prevent illnesses from happening. Much of this type of care involves diagnostic testing, which can help us see if there is an imminent health threat that could be brewing. We can also recommend lifestyle changes that can protect your health through annual well visits and screenings.

Common preventative care services:

  • Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol tests.
  • Counseling on lifestyle choices and nutrition.
  • Cancer screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies.
  • Regular well-baby and well-child visits.

We also provide pap smears and digital rectal exams (DRE). As a member of Carolina Health & Aesthetics, most of these screenings can be provided at no extra charge.

When Is Preventative Care Needed?

Preventative care is helpful if you are susceptible to an illness. For instance, if you have hypertension you are more likely to develop more severe heart disease. Taking steps to control your high PB can help prevent heart attacks. That said, preventative care is not exclusive to life-threatening diseases. Immunizations and flu shots are also a form of prevention that can keep you healthy during flu season.

What Does Prevention Involve?

Prevention involves coming in for regular screenings and exams. Making positive lifestyle changes like quitting smoking can also help prevent disease. Testing, advice and more are what we offer here at Carolina Health & Aesthetics. We believe in easy communication and convenient office visits. As a member, you can reach us at any time, whenever, and however you like.

Preventative Care in Duncan, South Carolina

Has it been a while since your last doctor’s visit? Call and come to the office today! We offer comprehensive preventative care to keep you happy and healthy for life. Learn about our membership plans by contacting us via the form below or calling (864) 214-4014.
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