ICON™ Skin Resurfacing

ICON™ skin resurfacing is leagues above anything you can find in the skincare aisle. This simple laser device can give you visible improvements after just one session. Also, no, it’s not surgical and it won’t leave you in bed for weeks. So, if you have wrinklesscars, or stretch marks that you’d like to remove, we’re here to help.

The process is simple. ICON™ skin resurfacing breaks down lines and creases while helping your body create new skin. It does this using laser heat that has been proven safe and effective through clinical testing. If you’re ready for a treatment that actually works, get in touch with us at Carolina Health & Aesthetics today.

What Is ™ Skin Resurfacing?

ICON™ skin resurfacing is a laser treatment for getting rid of deep lines and wrinkles. It’s not invasive and doesn’t need any complicated preparations. The treatment involves the ICON™ handpiece being placed against your skin. Once placed, it uses heating to smooth out your skin texture. This process isn’t intensive and can be done in about 30 minutes.

How Does ™ Skin Resurfacing Work?

30 minutes is all it usually takes to complete a session! The ICON™ uses fractional microbeams to emit columns of laser energy into the skin. This process is generally well tolerated. Once your treatment is done you can see some improvement almost immediately. For best results, several treatments may be needed.

Before and After Photos

What Results Can I Expect?

Typically, it takes 1-4 days for your skin to heal after treatment. During this time, its best to take it easy and not engage in strenuous activities. This treatment is great for deep, difficult to treat lines and creases around the eyes, mouth, and face. As such, you should see a visible improvement in these areas as your skin heals.

™ Skin Resurfacing in Duncan, South Carolina

Smooth, radiant skin can be just a laser treatment away. If you’re ready to get rid of wrinkles, get in touch and give our ICON™ skin resurfacing a try. To get started, simply fill out and submit the form below or call our team at (864) 214-4014 today.
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