Anxiety & Depression

You deserve to feel better. The problem with relieving anxiety and depression lies in finding good help. It’s a struggle, especially because you want personal support, not just medication. That’s where our team at Carolina Health & Aesthetics comes in.

We treat depression and anxiety personally. After all, these issues are unique to each person, so a one size fits all approach simply won’t work. As a member of Carolina Health & Aesthetics, you’ll have access to our team at any time. We will also accommodate same-day or next-day visits should you need them. Don’t wait; get in touch and feel better today.

What Causes Anxiety and Depression?

The CDC suggests that one in every six adults struggles with depression at some point. The scary thing about anxiety and depression is that we don’t exactly know what causes them. They are multi-factor issues that happen because of environmental, psychological, and genetic factors. More often than not, major life events can cause these issues to take hold. When they do, addressing them can be a struggle, a struggle that you don’t have to face alone.

How Can We Help?

Managing depression without medication is possible. We can help with that by providing guidance and checking in regularly. However, if you need medication, we can provide affordable options. Here at our Duncan office, we put control back in your hands.

Physical exams and 24/7 access to our staff are provided at no extra cost. Each visit is covered by your monthly fee, which starts at only $70. We don’t do insurance or paperwork. We limit our member panel, too, all to make sure you get the attention you deserve when you want it.

Help With Anxiety and Depression in Duncan, South Carolina

Don’t let anxiety or depression rule your life. Give yourself the gift of happiness here at Carolina Health & Aesthetics. If you’re ready for an appointment, fill out and submit the form below or give our office a call at (864) 214-4014to get started. Visit our membership page for info on our plans and pricing.

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