Acne Scarring

Believe it or not, but there is a solution for acne scarring. It’s not at the bottom of a convenience store cream or in your aunt’s home remedy cabinet. The solution can be found here at Carolina Health & Aesthetics! It takes only 30 minutes with our laser scar removal system to see results.

Treating acne marks is a process, but seeing improvement with each session is empowering. Our laser treatments use heat to reduce the appearance of scars easily. Over time, scars become lighter and eventually fade as your body heals itself. Ready to give it a try? Request a consultation at our Duncan, South Carolina office to learn more today.

Why Do I Have Acne Scarring?

If you have acne, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 80% of people between ages 11-30 will get acne at some point. You get acne when bacteria, oil, and dead skin clog pores. Then, when a blemish bursts, its contents spill around the surrounding skin. This is the cause of acne scarring and for some people, it can feel overwhelming. The good news is that scars can be treated, we do that regularly here at our Duncan office.

How Can We Help?

At Carolina Health & Aesthetics, we use the ICON™ laser system to reduce the appearance of pockmarks. Whether they’re caused by acne, surgery, or an accident, they can all be treated. Sessions with this laser are non-invasive and take an average of 30 minutes. In some cases, you may need several sessions to get the results you want. As you continue with your treatments, you will notice a gradual reduction in the appearance of your scars.

Acne Scarring Treatments in Duncan, South Carolina

Give your skin what it needs to shine today. A quick session is all it takes to improve the appearance of acne scarring. Why wait? Get in touch with our team in Duncan, South Carolina, now. Fill out and submit the form below or give our office a call at (864) 214-4014 to get started.

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