Vascular Lesions

You know, you can have birthmarks removed without surgery. It’s not magic, it all comes down to technology. These and other vascular lesions can be cleared using our ICON MaxG™ IPL PhotoFacial system. We’ll explain how it works in a bit. What you need to know now is that treatments take as little as 30 minutes and the results are long-lasting! No injections, chemicals, or surgeries are needed to get the even tone you’ve been looking for.

ICON MaxG™ uses laser light to achieve these skin-clearing results. Sessions are non-invasive – meaning scalpels are not involved. Treatments won’t leave you bedridden either. All you need is a handful of sessions here at our Duncan, South Carolina office. We make it easy to get the look you’re looking for.

How Do Vascular Lesions Form?

There are several types of vascular lesions. Each type develops for different reasons. For example, hemangiomas show up shortly after birth as faint pink marks and then darken over time. These can appear on the face or body. Dilated vessels on the face can occur because of sun damage, rosacea, or trauma. They appear as linear red marks and cause an uneven skin tone. Origins aside, both can be treated using our laser system.

How Can We Help?

ICON MaxG™ IPL Photofacial treatments take no more than an hour. In fact, most people only need about 30 minutes. During the session, you may feel a slight snapping sensation against your skin. It can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s nothing like surgery. Once the session is over, you may notice redness and feel sore, like you have a sunburn. This is normal and should go away in 2-24 hours. As you continue with your treatments, you can notice a gradual decrease in the vascular lesion.

Treating Vascular Lesions in Duncan, South Carolina

Have a birthmark you’d prefer to live without? Our ICON MaxG™ IPL Photofacial is your best bet. Vascular lesions and other skin issues can be treated quickly and easily here at our Duncan, South Carolina office. Get in touch now by filling out and submitting the form below or calling us directly at (864) 214-4014.

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