ICON MaxG™ IPL PhotoFacial

You deserve to feel good, both inside and out. The problem is that getting the beautiful skin you want can feel like a burden. Well, we’re here to make things easier with our ICON MaxG™ IPL PhotoFacial treatment. This laser treatment is designed to improve sun damagevascular lesions, age spots, and hyperpigmentation without injections or downtime. Treatments are simple! The spots on your skin are targeted by laser light during a 30-minute session. After the session, you can experience clearer, more beautiful skin. Best of all, little if any downtime is needed, and results improve over time as your skin heals. Schedule an appointment in Duncan, South Carolina, to experience it for yourself!

What Is ICON MaxG™?

The MaxG™ is part of the ICON™ laser system developed by Cynosure®. This system uses a specific wavelength of light to target hyperpigmented areas on your skin. The process doesn’t involve injections or harmful chemicals. Once the treatment is done, your skin will gradually improve. Over time, you should notice a smoother texture and fewer age spots.

How Does the ICON MaxG™ IPL PhotoFacial Work?

An IPL Photofacial treatment takes no more than an hour, usually 30 minutes in most cases. During the session, you may feel a slight snapping sensation against your skin. Once the session is over, you may notice redness and feel sore, like you have a sunburn. This is normal and should go away in 2-24 hours.

Before and After Photos

What Results Can I Expect?

You will notice a smoother, cleaner skin texture once your skin is healed. For the best results, you may need to come in for a few sessions. The number of sessions depends on your specific needs. At our office, we believe in giving people the attention they deserve. So, we will take an extra 30, 40, even 60 minutes if necessary to get to know you and figure out how many sessions will give you the best outcome.

ICON MaxG™ IPL PhotoFacial in Duncan, South Carolina

Feeling confident and beautiful shouldn’t be a hassle. At Carolina Health & Aesthetics, we make things easy. If you have sun damage or hyperpigmentation, stop by for an IPL session today. To get started, reach out to our team by filling out and submitting the form below or calling us at (864) 214-4014.
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