FlexSure™ Body Contouring

Getting in shape just got easier. With FlexSure™ RF, body contouring is as simple as one-two-three. Best of all, it isn’t surgical. Rather, this device relies on what’s called “Flex-heating technology” to evenly heat tissue and improve the shape of your body. It takes only a handful of sessions to improve your form and get the youthful skin you’ve been wanting.

Treatments sometimes take as little as 15 minutes per area! FlexSure™ delivers a light warming sensation that’s both gentle and soothing. This treatment is comfortable, convenient, and requires no downtime. Schedule an appointment in Duncan, South Carolina to learn more today.

What Is FlexSure™ Exactly?

The FlexSure™ RF body contouring is a device that wraps around specific parts of your body. It can be attached to your abdomen, love handles, arms, thighs, and knees. Once stuck, it delivers gentle heat that is often described as feeling like a hot stone massage. This heating relaxes your body and can improve skin tightness and enhance contours.

How Does FlexSure™ Work?

The FlexSure™ applicator can be used on any skin type, any time of year. It doesn’t have any BMI restrictions and is completely non-invasive. This device uses Flex-heating technology to heat bodily tissue. This heating is warm, soothing, and can be a great relaxation option. Treatments take as little as 15 minutes and can improve the youthfulness of your body.

Before and After Photos

What Results Can I Expect?

Each FlexSure™ treatment takes roughly 15-minutes. During your treatment, you can expect a slight warming sensation. Most people find this sensation soothing and relaxing. Once your session is done, you’re free to go about the rest of your day. If you want a follow-up session, our team at Carolina Health & Aesthetics is happy to accommodate that.

FlexSure™ RF Body Contouring in Duncan, South Carolina

Enhance the youth of your body with FlexSure™ today. To get started, get in touch with our Duncan office. For medical services, you can also explore our membership plans. To reach us, simply fill out and submit the form below or call us at (864) 214-4014.
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