Common Cold & Flu

Feeling under the weather? Getting better can be easier than you think. The common cold and flu usually go away on their own. That said, if you’ve been feeling sick for about ten days, getting medical care is the right choice. The problem lies in getting the help you need when you need it.

Getting a hold of your doctor can be a pain even if you’re sick. At Carolina Health & Aesthetics, we make things easy. Our limited member panel and 24/7 access give you the care you deserve when you need it. If you’re feeling sick, get in touch and find relief today.

Why Can’t We Cure the Common Cold?

We’ve cured polio, we’ve cured smallpox too, so why can’t we get over the common cold? The problem with the common cold is that it has over a hundred different strains. This means that we would need a vaccine that treats them all, which is hard to create. The good news is that while we can’t get rid of the cold completely, we can treat its symptoms. Having a solid medical team by your side makes feeling better even easier.

What Can We Do?

Call it the rhinovirus, call it a head cold, whatever it is it doesn’t feel great. You could come down with a fever, have a headache, congestion, and a slew of other symptoms. In most cases, these can be dealt with at home. But if you find yourself sick for a long time, or if you feel especially uncomfortable, getting help may be best.

Here at our Duncan office, we give our members 24/7 access to us over the phone, via email, and over text. We also offer visits at no extra cost. We don’t do paperwork and we don’t take insurance. Instead, most of our services are covered by a flat monthly fee. Membership starts at $70/month. If you feel sick and need help right away, get in touch and get the care you deserve now.

Common Cold & Flu Treatments in Duncan, South Carolina

Feeling sick? Reach out to learn more about what we can do for you. To sign up, visit our member’s page for info on pricing and services. If you’re already a member, fill out and submit the form below or give our office a call at (864) 214-4014 today.

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