Unwanted Hair

Getting silky-smooth skin is easy with laser hair reduction. Not only that, but lasers give you no razor burn, they’re not messy like waxing, and they give you longer-lasting results! It’s the smart bet for unwanted hair, especially when your provider is using a great laser system.

Here at Carolina Health & Aesthetics, we use one of the best devices on the market. Our ICON MaxYs™ laser works quickly and gives you the smooth results you want. This laser targets hair follicles at their roots, preventing them from growing new hair. It’s efficient and takes only 30 minutes. If you’re interested in getting smooth skin that lasts for months, get in touch with our Duncan team today.

Why Do I Have Body Hair?

The amount of hair you have is based on your hormone levels. Specifically, androgens control the amount of body hair you grow after puberty and tend to be more active in men. The more androgens you have, the thicker, darker, and more visible your hairs are. While we can’t mess with genetics, we can reduce hair safely. Thanks to our ICON™ laser, several areas can be treated in one session, and the results are beautiful.

How Does ICON MaxYs™ Laser Hair Reduction Work?

ICON’s laser relies on light-based technology. Pulses of energy go into the skin and target hair follicles, heating them at their roots. As the follicles absorb this energy, they’re destroyed and become unable to grow hair. It’s a safe process and results can be seen in as little as one session. After a treatment, you may experience a mild sunburn-like sensation and possibly some minor swelling. These side effects usually go away within 24 hours. Over time, you can expect a gradual decrease in hair once you complete your treatment course.

Unwanted Hair Reduction in Duncan, South Carolina

If you’re ready to get smooth, hairless skin, get in touch with our team at Carolina Health & Aesthetics. If you still have questions, we’re happy to chat too! In either case, you can contact us by filling out the form below or giving our office a call at (864) 214-4014.

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