Stretch Marks

Treating stretch marks with lotion takes too long. Let’s face it, sometimes faster is just better. Our ICON™ laser is not just about efficiency, it’s also about speed. This treatment can reduce stretch marks in just 30 minutes. Even better, sessions are non-invasive and don’t involve chemicals or injections! Our team at Carolina Health & Aesthetics is ready to give you the clean skin you’ve been waiting for. Whether you have marks on your thighs, back, or arms, our ICON™ treatment can help. If you’re ready, we’re ready for you – give our Duncan office a call today.

What Triggers Asthma?

Stretch marks, or “striae,” appear when our skin is stretched abruptly. This stretching isn’t our fault, it happens when collagen and elastin rupture. As the skin heals, these red or white marks can appear. Rapid weight gain and pregnancy are the most common causes of these marks. While some over-the-counter products can reduce the appearance of these marks, laser treatments like ICON ™ can give you greater benefits in less time.

How Can We Help?

Improving stretch marks with the ICON™ laser is easy, and most sessions last only 30 minutes. The laser will be pressed against your skin during the treatment. As this happens, you may feel a sensation similar to the snapping of a rubber band against your skin.

For most people, this sensation isn’t a problem at all. Especially because there’s hardly any downtime involved afterward. Typically, 4-8 sessions are needed to completely remove the marks. With each session, you should see a progressive reduction in stretch marks. Once you’re done, you can enjoy your new, beautiful, smooth skin!

Treating Stretch Marks in Duncan, South Carolina

Get in touch and get your smooth skin back today. At Carolina Health & Aesthetics, we strive to give your skin the care it deserves. To learn more about ICON™, get in touch with our team in Duncan, South Carolina. You can fill out and submit the form below or give our office a call at (864) 214-4014 to get started.
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