ICON™ for Scars & Stretch Marks

Whether they’re stretch marks or acne scars, they don’t belong on your body. At Carolina Health & Aesthetics, we want to help you feel confident again. That’s why we’ve invested in one of the best non-invasive laser treatments for skin. The ™ for scars and stretch marks can give you the smooth skin you want in just a handful of quick treatments.

Sessions with the ™ take 30 minutes on average. The results? A noticeable decrease in scar and stretch mark appearance. If you’re ready to give it a try, contact our team in Duncan, South Carolina today. We’ll work with you to help you reach your beauty goals.

What Can ™ Do for Scars and Stretch Marks?

The ™ laser uses what’s called “fractional technology” to deliver pulses of laser light into the skin. These pulses target and break down scars and stretch marks. The best part of this treatment is that it’s controlled and non-invasive. The laser doesn’t damage the surrounding skin and gives you the beautiful results you want.

How Do These Treatments Work?

Most sessions with the ™ last only 30 minutes. However, it may vary based on your specific needs. Here at our Duncan office, we believe in giving each of our patients the time they deserve. We will work with you to find the optimal treatment time and quantity. Treatment sessions are usually well-tolerated, and there is little downtime involved afterward.

Before and After Photos

What Results Can I Expect?

4-8 treatments are usually needed for the best results. In most cases, you won’t need downtime after your session. As you continue treatment, you will notice a gradual reduction in your scars and stretch marks. Over time, these areas will become lighter and less noticeable. The result is beautiful, smooth skin that you’ll love.

™ for Scars & Stretch Marks in Duncan, South Carolina

If you have stretch marks or acne scarring, our ™ treatment may be just what you need. For smooth, radiant results, get in touch with our team today. To get started, simply fill out and submit the form below or give our office a call by dialing (864) 214-4014.
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